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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the most innovative features, but one of its most common problems is that it needs to stop or charge. So here are some tips and methods to overcome the problem of not charging. Therefore, if you think that ‘My Samsung note 9 won’t charge, ‘ go through these points carefully.

  • Shut off your Galaxy Note 9 and then try charging.
  • Change the charger; sometimes the charger doesn’t work, and the problem is not with the Phone.
  • Clean your charging pots. Maybe the accumulated dust needs to let the phone charge.
  • If something else works better, get the battery of your Phone changed.
  • Use the original charger.

These are some tips that sometimes work and sometimes need to be revised.

Following are the methods below to get the problem of not charging your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 resolved;

Use The Original Charger

The 1st is to use the Phone’s original charger, as no other charger can pull out as much energy as possible as its original, which is specially designed for the Galaxy Note 9. The charger of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a fast charger.

Try charging by shutting your Phone off

You should try this method. Turn your Phone off and plug in your charger. But sometimes there is a firmware problem, so when you turn off your Phone and plug in your charger, and it works, it is clear that this is a firmware problem.

If this doesn’t work, try cleaning your USB port and connecting it to your laptop or computer to charge your Phone. If it doesn’t work, too, the hardware must also have a problem. It would be best if you got the battery of your Phone checked. There may be some fault in it.

Check the Power Adapter

Sometimes there is also a problem with the power adapter. It would be best if you got it checked at the first option. Maybe there has been some damage due to overcharging, overvoltage, or overheating. If you are buying a new charger, make sure Samsung approves it.

Check Your Apps

Check all the apps on your Phone and find out which app is not letting your charge or making it drain your Phone’s battery fast. Reboot your Phone. Go through the following steps:

  • Long press the “Power Button.”
  • Release the power button of your galaxy phone and hold the volume down button when you see the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 logo.
  • Hold the volume down button until the rebooting of your phone finishes.
  • Release the volume down button when safe mode is shown on your screen.
  • Now all third-party will be disabled for a short period.

If nothing works for you, the last method to do is Factory Reset.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the problem of not charging in common. You can overcome this by following the methods mentioned earlier: use the original charger, delete unnecessary apps, use a Samsung-approved adapter and charge your Phone after turning it off.

These were the few tricks and methods. I hope it helped you out.

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